Governor’s Hurricane Conference Student Conference Scholarship Program

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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

The Nation’s critical infrastructure provides essential services that underpin American society and sustain the American way of life. We know critical infrastructure as the power we use in our homes and businesses, the water we drink, the transportation systems that get us from place to place, the first responders and hospitals in our communities, the farms that grow and raise our food, the stores we shop in, and the Internet and communication systems we rely on to stay in touch with friends and family.

Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience information builds awareness and appreciation of the importance of critical infrastructure and reaffirms the nationwide commitment to keep our communities safe and secure.  Learn more about what critical infrastructure is and how it is important to our daily lives. You can also get involved with the Hometown Security initiative to ensure that you and your community are prepared for any and all incidents.

Disaster Preparedness for Livestock Owners

By: Shaylin Ruane
Frederick Community College

While it is true that a monetary value cannot be assigned to a human life, the impact of the loss of livestock affects not only the livelihood of their owners but the marketplace as well.  In December of 2015, Winter Storm Goliath unleashed a chilling terror over West Texas with wind gusts up to eighty miles per hour and snowdrifts reaching ten feet.  An estimation of over 30,000 dairy cows perished in the freezing temperatures (Carr, 2016).  The lack of preparation for circumstances such as this one resulted in the death of an enormous human resource—milk.  Darren Turley of the Texas Association for Dairymen stated that he and his team followed regular protocol for winter storms and thought they were “ready.”  However, winter storm Goliath proved otherwise.  As the storm ferociously carried on with its harsh winds and snow accumulation, Turley affirmed that there was nothing he could do to ensure his cows were safe.  Livestock specialist Karl Hoppe of the North Dakota State University Carrington Research Extension Center used Farm Business Management records to estimate the net worth of one cow at $2,582.03.  Based on Hoppe’s 2012 estimate, the cost of losing more than 30,000 cows exceeded $77,460,000.  The importance of disaster preparedness for livestock owners intensifies with the prevalence of natural disasters, and even the best-laid plans are tested by mammoth natural disasters like Goliath.  What is important to recognize is disasters can happen anywhere and come in many forms.  Livestock owners need to be prepared.

The Humane Society (n.d.) has provided local resources and information to assist you in creating your disaster response plans.  For more information about disaster preparedness for livestock owners, click the following link:
Remember to plan for the unthinkable, pre-plan and take precautions to protect livestock and establish a farm disaster kit.  An effective plan for disaster preparedness – priceless.



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Join the Apprenticeship Movement!

Change your AIM – Change your GAME
Apprenticeships work for everyone – from the employer looking to recruit highly skilled and talented workers, to the job seeker wanting to advance their career!

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National Apprenticeship Week is November 13-17!

National Apprenticeship Week was established in 2015 to raise awareness of the meaningful contributions apprenticeship programs in the United States make to our country’s workforce.

Maryland will recognize National Apprenticeship Week November 13-17, 2017, to educate businesses and leaders on the importance of apprenticeship opportunities as successful business and workforce development tools, positively impacting our economy. This year’s theme is “Celebrate Maryland’s Workforce Revolution!”

The Maryland Department of Labor is participating in 12 events throughout Apprenticeship Week, including a networking breakfast with the Maryland Tech Council and TranZed Apprenticeship Services; an Apprenticeship Sponsor Appreciation Ceremony; an American Hotel and Lodging Association announcement; a Youth Apprenticeship Program announcement; and a skilled craft union open house. See the attached schedule for a complete list of events or visit Maryland Department of Labor’s website.  

For questions about these events or to learn more about Registered Apprenticeships, email us at or call (410) 767-2246.