The Efforts of MACEM

“Thanks for always working hard to research and provide the best and most updated and recognized certification in this field.  You and your team are terrific.  What a wonderful opportunity to have such excellent expertise lead our Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness program.  You are THE BEST and I wanted to share my experience with you.  Thanks for all of your hard work.

– Jeanne-Marie Holly, Program Manager
Career and Technology Education Systems Branch, Maryland Department of Education


I am impressed by MACEM’s efforts towards the MDSE Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness CTE Program. You and your impressive team have really grown MACEM into an outstanding center. I am very proud of your dogged determination to give back to the community you so earnestly believe in. MACEM has grown into a viable and valuable resource. I look forward to furthering my HSEP and EM education, and most importantly, watching your program continue to grow and flourish.

– Steve Filyo, Retired Law Enforcement


Working with knowledgeable staff in a higher education environment was a beneficial experience for me. This was my first time working in such an environment. Throughout my internship, I was able to be creative, learn new skills and build my portfolio. The cohesion and professionalism of the MACEM team made a lasting, positive impression on me. I look forward to pursuing future instructional design opportunities with greater confidence.

– Jon Rottenberg, UMBC Instructional Design Intern